“JiNa is a Gurgaon-based Parent Coaching and Teen Counselling Center. We work with parents on their challenges and concerns. And offer emotional, behavioral, and career counseling for teenagers.” 

Students Workshop FAQs

Anyone who is confused about ‘What Next’ and ‘How’ with reference to their career can avail this service. It could be school students, college students, or even professionals who are not clear about their next step in their career.

Yes. I facilitate career guidance & counselling online also. It can be availed offline, in person also.

Yes, I am a counseling psychologist, certified soft-skills trainer, teen counsellor. I do help students with such life-skills with my one-to-one counselling, guidance sessions.

We have experienced experts, foreign education consultants in our team who guide students and their parents on these lines, if you wish.

Parenting Workshop FAQs

The program is of 20 hours in total (available in both online and offline mode). In online mode, the program is spread over 10 days with 2 hours every day. Monday to Friday, 4pm till 6pm.

In offline mode, the program is for full 4 days from 10am till 5pm

The program is for parents, psychologists, coaches, and school counselors.

Yes. The program is specially curated for parents to help them on their journey of parenting. Researches have validated that a child writes his life script by the age of 7 years. The parent-child relationship has a great impact on most aspects of a child’s development. Positive, practical, conscious, and mindful parenting skills can nurture a child’s cognitive development, social interaction, behavior, school achievement, and above all self-esteem. The way a parent connects with the child lays the foundation of his/her intelligence.

A participant gets reading material, questionnaires, and a certificate on successful completion of the program. Participants also get the best-selling book on Parenting, authored by me (titled “Parenting is all about Communication, Collaboration, and Celebration: The 3C’s of Parenting”) to become an effective Counselor for their children.

I work with Parents, Teenagers, Educational Institutions, and Corporate Organizations through both, group programs, as well as one-to-one sessions to coach parents and counsel teenagers.

I also collaborate with a posse of certified Life Coaches, Trainers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and experts to bring on the board their valued contributions as required by the client. This allows the client to enjoy multi-disciplinary intervention.

All workshops and individual interventions are completely customized, and the right selection of experts is done for each and every workshop.

Self-Care Parenting Program for Working Parents FAQs

Online it is of 5 days, 2 hours each day. Total 10 hours program. Offline it is of 2 days, 5 hours each day.

The program is designed for working parents, employees of any organization.

Gallup study in 2019 suggests that employees who had higher wellbeing, are better engaged, satisfied, and feel belonged, tend to have higher engagement as well as increased positive change in their mindset. There’s plenty of hard evidence that shows that happy employees lead directly to better performance and higher profits. It pays to invest in your people.

According to WHO (World Health Organization), India accounts for nearly 15 percent of the global mental health burden. According to Deloitte’s Mental Health Survey, poor mental health amongst employees costs Indian employers around USD 14 billion annually in absenteeism, lower productivity and attrition.
This program enables employees to be happy, less anxious, less stressed and in turn more productive leading to higher profits for the organization.