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"I am Sita Lakshmi, a resident of sector 15 and had approached Mrs.Kavita for a career counselling session when my son was in 11th. It was the best option and due to the counselling, all our queries were answered very well. We made the right choices and felt relaxed after the session. I took 'Empower the Therapist in You' workshop ( a day's duration) and how to keep oneself positive(during covid) online session along with my 10 year old. Firstly, the former helped me to understand the relationships better and has made me a better person who asks the right questions and converse with cool and calm words. Having the right impact on loved ones. This has surely made my life easier. Last but not the least, I seeked her help once when I was in a dilemma and felt confused regarding a professional decision. Her reassuring words and support gave me immense clarity and strength and since then there is no looking back. Kavita! I will be turning to you whenever life throws tantrums!🤗 I thank her for the services rendered and am grateful from the core of my heart. Her calm, serene aura and patience have always been very comforting and helpful. I wish her all the best. "
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Sita Lakshmi
Writer, Gurugram
"The workshop on the Art of Bringing up Children, was very nice and planned. The role-plays were the icing on the cake. As a trainer you exhibit enormous patience, passion and intellect. I am sure all the others, like me, must have experienced a shift in them as all concepts were thoroughly experiential."
Dr. Tripti Sakhuja
Psychologist and Counsellor, Delhi
"Kavita Ma’am, it was really a great experience doing your signature 'Self-Care Program – Be Your Own Therapist'. It is very well designed, structured and you so well explained each topic from anxiety to understanding your emotions to practice the mindfulness in the form of slow breathing to how to deal with kids and many more. The best part is that you made us create a self care tool kit which is extremely useful. You taught so many tools and techniques which I will definitely use for myself. Very thankful and blessed to be a part of this workshop. Thanks you Ma’am."
"Dear Kavita Ji, I was an awesome experience with you in your signature 'Self-Care Program – Be Your Own Therapist' for all these 10 days. First, Thank You would be belittling your efforts, but sincere gratitude for the changes I am experiencing in myself because of this program. Sometimes, it's easier to read theories but when it comes to application, we certainly overlook the knowledge. You taught exactly how to apply those things in life and bring about a change. Being mindful and happy can be and should be done with conscious efforts and practice, is this program's key takeaway for me. Thank you ❤"
Deepti Pattalwar
Psychologist, Gurugram.
"My daughter was lacking clarity in terms of career-related choices. We got reference of Kavita Yadav from one of my friends. I would strongly recommend Kavita Yadav. The technique followed was to get a clear insight about my daughter’s personality. And using her strengths what are the best career options and best choices she could choose. The whole process really settled the wandering thoughts and gave clarity, confidence to my daughter to take her decisions. At the same time Kavita Yadav is a great motivator, great communicator, inspires and emotional counselor as well. She takes interest in your child as if he/she is her own child and guides the best. I feel very happy and satisfied."
Kavita Kumar
Engineer, Gurugram
Pooja Behl
Amita Devnani
"I always knew that Parenting is not a technique. It’s an everyday learning journey. Kavita ji in her book has explained the 3C’s of parenting in a way that it’s so convenient for a mother like me to understand where I sometimes go wrong. I am so thankful to Kavita ji for giving this book as a guide to all the parents who want to understand parenting in a new way so that the coming generations is complex free and frustration free."
Abha Monga Batra
“Kavita Ji, I count your talks extremely informative and very useful for the parents. You are very knowledgeable and well studied in your subject matter. You present the talks, sessions in a very engaging way that make people interact with each other. Above all you are very down to earth and have a simple practical approach. I strongly recommend You to all the parents and the organisations. Thanks a lot!”
Neetu J. Talwar
New Delhi
"I highly recommend Kavita Yadav. I have known her for the past many years and have taken her services. She is very professional yet has a beautiful personal touch during her sessions. As a counsellor she knows her role very well and helps the individual to come out of the rut of life very well. She knows her skill and helps you understand what is required to be done. I have enjoyed my HW (that's what I call). These exercises helped me become stronger."
Gunpreet Kaur
Communication Strategist for Business Owners, New Delhi
"I took career counselling sessions from ma'am at a time in my life when I was surrounded by a lot of ambiguity regarding my future career path. In these moments of distress, ma'am really helped me calm down and helped me gain clarity as to what I really wanted to do. Her dedication and pure will to help me anytime I needed her is something I will always be grateful for. Thank you for all your help, Kavita Ma'am!"
Khushboo Batra
Student , Delhi
Shweta Suri
Deepika Gupta
"At the beginning of the sessions I thought that there is something which I will just listen & it might help me to change the people around me. But by the end of the sessions I realized that the "Change" is required to be made in me also. Kavita Ma'am u have shown me a mirror which I think I was just running away from and due to which things kept troubling me. Now I can see what the reality looks like. You have been very patient to hear all my thoughts, which helped me, calm down initially. The counseling sessions with you turned out really helpful. Now there is a different Me today who is ready to face the challenges out there. Thanks for all the help."
Monali Jadhav
“I would like to thank you for lending me your ears and all the motivation shared by you. I was having doubts related to my career choices. Your way of explaining things was just amazing. You made me understand the pros and cons of the options. During that situation, the person's emotions are not under control, but you helped me in overcoming those thoughts by finding a way towards the destination. You have supported me by telling me different ways to address certain issues. Your career counselling guided me a lot. The credit and effort go to you (Kavita Mam) an amazing counsellor. Everything you taught me has some meaning in it which will definitely help me to lead a better life with a better career. Thank you Mam.”
Gauri Sethi
United Kingdom
"The smile which you see on my face is because of Kavita ma'am. I had a fear of getting married. I always thought what if I couldn't make people happy. But through the sessions I got confidence and so here I am in a happy marriage🧿❤️ Thank You so much ma'am for always being there for me and enlightening me whenever I felt like I am alone and filling me with confidence. Just because of you and your therapy sessions I was able to control my fear. Now I just don't let the bad thoughts overpower me. Now I am more confident and face the world more beautifully. All thanks to you."
Shahina Saran
PR Professional, Bangalore
"I am in awe of how well the course, REAR© - Rearing Excellence And Radiance, is assembled. It was far above my expectations and more than I ever realized I would be as a parent of two kids. I never imagined a simple course like this could teach me how wrong my approach is to parenting using discipline with anger or frustration. I realized a whole new world of positive parenting and guiding my children with choices and using patience and love for them. Thank you, Kavita Di, thank you very much for guiding me in this way. "
Sheena Dhiman
School Teacher and Mother of 2 boys, Gurugram
Rakesh Arya
Mohit Verma
"Thanks a lot for personal attention, Kavita Ji. Your program on Self-Care – Be Your Own Therapist, was too good. I really appreciate you for that. You are one of the persons which helped to cope up with my surrounding environment in my very much testing time as you already know. And I am very happy to have you in my life. I can say whatever happens, happens for something good. You are a very good professional, and person and otherwise too very lovable. Thanks for guiding me in my tough time as a big sis and good friend. I really appreciate you for that particular attitude which you showed me "apnapan"."
Yogita Choudhary Kheterpal
Physiotherapist, Gurugram
"When I met Kavita a few years ago, she was a HR Professional. She wanted to change her career and pursue Psychology but she wasn't very sure of herself. From that to this, I have been a witness to her journey. Once she made up her mind that Counselling was her calling, she left no stone unturned to achieve whatever it was required to become a qualified Psychologist. She pursued her Postgraduate degree in Psychology, completed it with flying colours. Kept learning relentlessly and adding numerous skills to her kitty. A genuine, sincere, empathic person at heart, this is what I know her as. Lots of love and blessings for your future journey."
Dr. Chinu Agrawal
Psychologist and Psychotherapist Director, Feeling Minds ® Ph.D. ,Agra
"Dear Kavita, Perfect is the word that comes to mind when I try to describe this Self-Care Program – Be Your Own Therapist. I don’t think I could have gifted anything better to myself. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich. Your creativity and attention to detail is truly outstanding. I would have never thought how meaningful these small things could be. Thanks again for designing such an amazing program."
Monica Chopra
Teacher Trainer, Lucknow
"I have had 6 sessions with Ms. Kavita to overcome my overthinking challenge. In the very first session, I felt very relaxed. She is a very approachable person. Very patient. Has a very pleasant personality. She was able to understand what I was going through and why. She helped me come out of my negative thoughts and made me a new happy person for which I can’t thank her enough. This is the first time in my life that I took help of a therapist. My friends told me that I have to try a few before I find the right one. But I was lucky that I did not have to keep changing therapists and I found Ms. Kavita."
School Administrative Officer , Muscat
Monica Chopra
Sushila Dutta
"Making a decision for one's career can be quite daunting for teenagers passing out of school as they have a plethora of options available to them and very few people on whom they can fully rely upon or trust for their lifetime career choice. My son was facing a similar situation after taking commerce stream in his 10+2 and was really confused as to which career would suit his capabilities and take him on to the ladder of success. Thanks to the timely guidance of Kavita madam at JINA-Living Positively. After taking the psychometric test at JINA my child found his hidden potential and could make a well informed decision regarding his career choice. I would strongly recommend all parents to consult Kavita madam to find the right career for their sons and daughters with total peace of mind."
Maneesh Bajaj
Director, Bajaj Medtronics Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
"I came with the issue of insomnia and restlessness. My cousin recommended me about Mrs Kavita. I had my weekly sessions, total 6 sessions. In the sessions she listened to me very patiently and understood my problem deeply. I understood the reasons behind my problems and learnt practical techniques like positive affirmations in the form of thought reframing, breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, grounding technique to remain in the present moment, and Om chanting. I started feeling improvement in my condition just after second session and now I am quite stable. The best thing I liked about Mrs Kavita was that whenever I needed her, she always picked my call. Even if she was busy, she gave me her precious time and I am very grateful to her for that. She is very warm, patient and understanding counsellor."
Surbhi Khanna
Home Maker & Tuition Teacher, Amritsar
Vidushi Aggarwal

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