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REAR© – The Parenting Program

The best parenting program in India – REAR©, enables parents to support the growth and development of their children. And also empower family relationships.

It also empowers you to improve your mental, and emotional health along with that of your children. It helps parents to have fewer behavior problems, greater social competence, and more positive self-concepts, even during difficult transitions.

Do you relate to one or more of these?

* Child doesn’t want to study at all or a particular subject… Has very less attention span.
You as the parent know he/she has potential. You don’t want to push him/her. But you don’t know what is the right way to motivate.

*Child back answers. Is becoming disrespectful day-by-day.
You feel hurt. You tend to react though you want to handle it with calmness. But you are unable to do so.

*Child refuses to eat. Has become conscious of his/her body.
You have tried so many tricks but he is adamant. What do you do about it? 

*Child refuses to stop playing on mobile. Is slowly getting into social media/mobile addiction.
You have tried talking but he/she becomes aggressive. You know you can help him/her but you don’t know the right strategies.
best parenting program in india

A Solution that worked for many

‘Dear Parents’, you are defacto counselors but in spite of your best intentions you get stuck!

This parenting program by Kavita Yadav, an acclaimed Parenting Coach and Expert, is a specially designed workshop for parents to become that Counselor around their children, equipped with more understanding, tools, and techniques. You, as a parent, will learn how to counsel your children effectively. And also, how to Communicate and Collaborate with your child so that Parenting becomes a joy and a Celebration!!! 

You will learn about:

  • Your parenting style, 
  • Development and functioning of a child’s brain, 
  • Why do teenagers stop listening to their parents, 
  • And much more with the help of psychological tools, techniques, and child development theories.

Glimpses of the Parents Workshops

Clients Speaking

"I am in awe of how well the course, REAR© - Rearing Excellence And Radiance, is assembled. It was far above my expectations and more than I ever realized I would be as a parent of two kids. I never imagined a simple course like this could teach me how wrong my approach is to parenting using discipline with anger or frustration. I realized a whole new world of positive parenting and guiding my children with choices and using patience and love for them. "
Sheena Dhiman, Gurugram
School Teacher and Mother of 2 boys
"Dear Kavita ji, I thoroughly enjoyed the content and pace of the workshop. Starting with knowing my parenting style to the development of a child’s brain, why are family rules, structures, open clear communications important, child-development theories, about teenage years, difference between preventive and corrective teaching, every session was thoughtfully designed. Your honesty and openness as a trainer to discuss and resolve the challenges that I am facing with kids struck a chord down somewhere. Divine thanks for the program."
Kriti, Dubai
Home maker

The Process of this workshop/ program

Parenting is no child’s play. A parent is a teacher, buddy, guide, mentor, nurse, critic, counselor, and a whole lot more!

 STEP 1: A Consultation Call to clarify all doubts, and questions about the program if any. 

 STEP 2: Once registered for the parenting program, it will enable you to understand:

  •  Difference between friendly guidance and counseling.
  •  Different Parenting Styles. Which one is yours? The pros and cons of each style.
  •  Development stages of a child with the help of child development theories
  •  How to help your child with his/her fears and anxieties
  •  Reasons for your child’s temper tantrums and how to address them with positivity. 
  •  How to build, strengthen and repair your connection with your children, teenagers
  •  How to spend quality time with your children by managing your energies and also how to enrich your relationship with them and with your own self. 
  •  How to open up your child’s mind to better thinking, and much more
  •  You evolve as a parent with a better understanding of how vital is your Emotional Connect with your children. You also understand how to make them stable and more connected to you.

Program Fee –  INR 15 thousand per participant.

Program duration – 20 hours/10 days.

What not to expect

The program does not teach you the assessment or clinical therapy work required for special needs children. It in no way claims to be a replacement for medical or mental health treatment in any form. 


The program is of 20 hours in total (available in both online and offline mode). In online mode, the program is spread over 10 days with 2 hours every day. Monday to Friday, 4pm till 6pm.

In offline mode, the program is for full 4 days from 10am till 5pm

The program is for parents, psychologists, coaches, and school counselors.

Yes. The program is specially curated for parents to help them on their journey of parenting. Researches have validated that a child writes his life script by the age of 7 years. The parent-child relationship has a great impact on most aspects of a child’s development. Positive, practical, conscious, and mindful parenting skills can nurture a child’s cognitive development, social interaction, behavior, school achievement, and above all self-esteem. The way a parent connects with the child lays the foundation of his/her intelligence.

A participant gets reading material, questionnaires, and a certificate on successful completion of the program. Participants also get the best-selling book on Parenting, authored by me (titled “Parenting is all about Communication, Collaboration, and Celebration: The 3C’s of Parenting”) to become an effective Counselor for their children.

I work with Parents, Teenagers, Educational Institutions, and Corporate Organizations through both, group programs, as well as one-to-one sessions to coach parents and counsel teenagers.

I also collaborate with a posse of certified Life Coaches, Trainers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and experts to bring on the board their valued contributions as required by the client. This allows the client to enjoy multi-disciplinary intervention.

All workshops and individual interventions are completely customized, and the right selection of experts is done for each and every workshop for parents, teachers, corporate employees, and teenagers.

It is my constant effort and intention to keep on adding value and simplify parenting with the help of the best parenting program in India.

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