Discipline vs. Punishment for Children

Discipline is the most commonly misunderstood word. Take a moment to answer the following questions about the way you deal with your children and their misbehaviors.

1. Do you repeat the same instructions to your children repeatedly?

2. Do you find yourself arguing with your children about their behavior?

3. Do you find yourself getting into power struggle when your child does not take your ‘NO’ calmly?

4. Do you often give in to your child’s demands because you feel it’s not worth the hassle to deal with him or her?

As parents, we may each take a different approach to discipline. This may include correction, punishment, and/or guidance.

According to a survey on parenting, most parents use unpleasant responses or inappropriate consequences when their children misbehave. It means parents yell, scold, call their kids names, or even use physical punishment. Here I would stress that punishment is not the best way to discipline children.

When it comes to disciplining your child, be very clear. There is no single right way to do it. As parents, you should do your homework. I would suggest that the best discipline practices should be finding the right discipline techniques for your family and your children. Discipline, certainly isn’t one size fits all.

At such times:

1. Consider Your Child’s Temperament

2. Consider Your Temperament

3. Identify your Parenting Style

Inappropriate Consequences:

Inappropriate Consequences can be defined as something that is harsh and unreasonable, violent and harmful. These may include behaviors such as screaming, belittling, ridiculing, and isolating. Such behaviors cause harm to a child’s development.

In short-term, Inappropriate Consequences can get what we want, but over time, it results in all sorts of problems for our children and us.

However, still parents resort to Inappropriate Consequences because somewhere they are not sure of what else to do in those situations. Another common reason for parents at one time or another is – the fear of losing their authority. One more reason parents give for using Inappropriate Consequences is that no one taught them any other way.

They learned from their parents. There is nothing wrong in it as most of us learn from our parents, by observing them, role modeling them.

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