Adios & Welcome

Adios and Welcome


Another year is about to say Good Bye. And while going, is giving us the gift of yet another 365 days.

So, how do you plan to utilize these 365 days?

Let us take a moment, to reflect on the year 2021 and also work on a few things for the year that is about to come, 2022!!!

Grab a paper, pen/pencil and answer these questions for the Year, 2021. You can do it for yourself or invite other family members, friends, colleagues and do it as a group activity.

Q1. My proudest moment as a

  1. Parent
  2. Professional
  3. Home-maker
  4. An individual
  5. Student


Q2. WHY do you think these are your proudest moments?

Q3. What has been your learning from these proudest moments?

Q4. What is that one learning (at least), that you are taking with you to the next year and why?

Q5. What is that one thing that you would like to leave and let go of before this year ends, bids Adios and you enter the New Year? Why?

Be honest. This is about you, for you, by you. The choice is yours. Take time, think through, and then answer. It will help you.

Now, as the next part of the activity, answer the following questions, before you step into the New Year – 2022.

Q1. What is that one thing that you would like to be better at and why, as a

  1. Parent
  2. Professional
  3. Home-Maker
  4. An individual
  5. Student


Q2. What is that one thing that you would like to learn in the New Year and WHY?

Q3. What is the one thing that you would like to do in the New Year to take care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health?

If you have not yet noted down the questions, do it now. And before you start reflecting and answering these questions, sit straight, take a deep slow breath in through your nose and exhale it slowly through your mouth.

Save this link, this post, and do this at the end of every year. It will help you think, plan, and reason out ‘WHY’.

Why do you want to do or not do a certain thing. How is it going to benefit you? What is it that you want out of this activity? What options, choices do you have with you to be a better version of your own self?

I look forward to your views on this blog of mine, in the comments section. Wishing you a Very Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year – 2022. Loads of blessings and best wishes your way. Stay blessed.

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10 thoughts on “Adios & Welcome”

  1. Your blogs always help me to reflect upon myself (the ME, irrespective of the different roles we play) that’s the most wonderful thing you do. Keep doing great work and best wishes always.

  2. Great reflection piece, Kavita. Not often that we ask ourselves these questions. As a student, I will learn more about the way the internet affects our lives, and use it wisely – also share what I learn. Looking forward to 2022. Join me in my optimism.😃

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