Do Kids Know Real Meaning Of Christmas

Early morning my princesses woke up and were glad to have their Christmas gifts. Soon after the argument starts, my elder one saying it’s Papa who got the gifts (because she is 11 yrs now and pretty well understands who the real Santa is !!!) but younger one (who is 6 yrs) shouting on the top of her voice and saying, “No didi, its Santa” 🙂

And this made me think whatever the conversation they were having but it was revolving all around gifts n Santa. That is what they understand of the festival called Christmas. When I asked them “What is Christmas about?” No answer, they were busy unwrapping their gifts.

However, I wanted to explain them about this beautiful festival of warmth, sharing, happiness and joy. My school days flashed in front of me…. I am a Convent pass out. Have seen and been a part of it for years … Mother Mary, Joseph, how Jesus was born, the three wise men following the star and so on.

So, while dressing my younger one after her bath, I asked her would she be interested if I tell her more about Christmas and the story behind it. Thankfully, she loves stories. She was all ears for it. I explained to her like a fairy tale starting with “Once upon a time….” Explained how Jesus was born, what all sacrifices he made for us, the humans, and how he loves, protects and guides us.

Children feel safe, secure and love the idea of being loved without any conditions apply tag.


[su_box title=”Tricky Question ???” style=”glass” title_color=”#ffffff”]Then came the most tricky question – “Mumma, is Santa real? Who gives gifts?” I asked her, “You tell me. Who gives gifts to you?” Pat came the reply “Mostly you or Papa”. “Yup”, I said. “For you and didi – Papa and Mumma are the Santa”. Then I told her, “If you help someone or shared your stuff with people who are in need you too can be a Santa”. This brought a big smile on her face. The importance of being of value to someone else without any self-interest – I think I have planted the seed inside her. Would love to see it grow and blossom.[/su_box]

Wishing Everyone A Merry Christmas

What do you think? Did I do the right thing? Look forward to your views. Share them in the comments below.  🙂

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