Highlights Of Ma’am & Mom Event

Highlights Of Ma'am & Mom Event

You are speaking to someone and it suddenly reminds you of an event or incident close to your heart.  It happened with me when I met my school senior almost after 25 years who is working as a teacher. This took me back to my very first event under the banner of my company “JiNa-LivingPositively”. The theme of the event was Women Empowerment, occasion Teacher’s Day and it was titled “Ma’am & Mom.”

I had just started my entrepreneurial journey so decided to dedicate my first event to those who played a vital role in shaping me and are still building our children’s life – the community of teachers and also the first teacher of a child – Mother.

I had goose bumps and was wishing that everything goes as planned. I was blessed to have mums who have never stepped out of their homes without their husbands, my English teacher who taught me when I was in school, Usha Jain Ma’am and other mompreneurs who had just started their journey of being empowered.

Through this event, we wanted to deliver to the participants:

o   A sense of pride in themselves

o   Be happy with who they are

o   A meeting with their strengths, and

o   Some quality time filled with fun, learning while experiencing freedom.

Music, Dance, Learning, Networking, Experiencing Freedom

  • We started with a video dedicated to the power of women.
  • Children dedicated a musical parody to all the moms and ma’ams.
  • Had a different form of introduction round and number of other activities with each having learning to it.
  • Participants got to meet others while enjoying sumptuous food and then danced their hearts out as if no one was             watching them.
  • We ended the event by cutting the cake and again a video dedicated especially to the teachers on Teachers’ Day.

I was overwhelmed when I got the feedback of the participants in the form of testimonials.  This is what they shared….

[su_box title=”Views shared by Participants” style=”bubbles” title_color=”#ffffff”]I found the event very meaningful and well organized. One positive take away for me is that I am extraordinary and can do anything in my life.” Jyoti Vig

“My take away from the event is that always be cheerful, optimistic and try to find the best from whatever you come across. I would rate my experience of the event as fulfilling.” Usha Jain[/su_box]

It was satisfying to see smiles on everyone’s face and my heart was full of gratitude for each one of them who had shown their trust in me and was there to wish and bless me on the onset of my new journey of being an entrepreneur in the form of Motivational Trainer and Parenting Coach.

A flash of thought in my mind just now and that is do you as parents live your dreams through your children.

Everyone has a story to tell, as I did. It would be pleasure to read yours. Feel free to share yours in the comments below.

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