Tips For Easy Smooth Parenting

Smooth Parenting – What does it mean?

In plain simple words, it means guidance with all the love and gentleness that keeps your children on the right path. There are no fixed rules or to do list which defines Smooth Parenting. It is a way of living, a belief.

Now days all the parents are aware that punishing children really doesn’t serve any good and that spanking has its own harmful effects.

So, what should you do as Parents?


Yes, this is the mantra. It may not seem easy but is quite possible. Discipline, is not about punishing but rather it is about teaching. In addition, you can teach your children in a number of ways, such as:

(i) Modeling:

Behave, act the way you want your children to behave. Children are expert in imitating. So, be kind, compassionate and respectful. If they see you speaking gently, they will do the same.

(ii) Find the positive in negative:

This is another big challenge but when practiced and implemented it gives wonderful positive results. Once you accept your child as unique it will be easier to view things more positively.

As parents, we need to direct their extra energy in an appropriate way by knowing our children and keeping the lines of communication open with them.

(iii) Be in the shoes of your children:

What this means is that try and see the situation from your child’s angle, the point from where he/she is viewing. By doing so, you will be able to see the behavior with less anxiety.

Understanding or empathizing does not mean that you give in to their demands. It means to see their behaviors as understandable, rather than to worry or be angry about.

(iv) Listen to really understand:

It’s perfectly OK if your children have a different opinion in certain situations than you. Different does not mean negative. Learn to acknowledge their differences and accept for who they are. It will help them grow, shine and blossom.

Life is all about learning, not only for your children but also for you the parents. Talk with your children and listen when they talk. Explore and find innovative ways to connect and bond. Connection and bonding leads to cooperation.

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