Connect With Your Child for Building His/Her Intelligence

Connect With Your Child for Building HisHer Intelligence

Every child is unique not only physically but also mentally. We all know how important it is to give a balanced diet with proper nutrition to a child for his or her brain development. So, is that all the child needs for proper functioning and growth of the brain?

We all tend to miss a very important ingredient and that is CONNECTION – connection the child feels with the parents and all those who play a vital role in his or her life.

[su_highlight background=”#d399ff”]Connection builds intelligence.[/su_highlight]

A child’s intelligence has many facets that are built to work together. For instance, when a child plays with toys, when a child runs, when a child asks for something and so on; each time the child is learning and building a different type of intelligence and/or life skill.

More a child feels safe, secure, loved and wanted in the presence of an adult easier it is for the child to connect and open up emotionally. However, given the kind of life style we are into, we are nearby, but our attention is often on other things.

Thus, the child’s sense of connection breaks. The child feels hurt, cannot make sense of the things you do or say. Young children are highly sensitive. What seems to us like a petty thing can be the cause of a big feeling for a child.

This is the time when the child needs your assurance the most. Your presence, unconditional love and undivided attention helps the child get exactly what is needed; helps the child to reconnect. If not, what starts out as a small, minuscule hurt can grow into a trauma.

Thus, each time a child’s feeling is hurt bad feelings start collecting making the behavior of the child irrational. The child needs your help to reconnect and to get the mind working smoothly again.

The time and love you devote in listening to the child’s feelings will help them recover from almost any experience that has made him/her upset. Expressing helps the child relax.

Thus,  take out time for your precious ones and just be there for them both physically and mentally. What’s really important is understanding and addressing the child’s needs in an affectionate, sensitive and responsive way.

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