Digital Detox

Digital Detox

Sounds familiar and rings bell in your mind, isn’t it? For many of you, ‘Yes’ and for others, ‘May be Not’ or ‘May be’.


What does ‘Digital Detox’ means?

Simply saying, it would mean to slow down, slow down on using technology day in and day out, every second of your life. You are either using smart phones for talking, whatsapping, for taking pictures, for playing games, simply surfing the net or spending time on facebook.

You cannot imagine your life without gadgets. Unknowingly, it has taken over all your personal time, family time, children’s time and so on. Believe me, I am not a saint either.


[su_frame]I too am learning – disconnect to connect.[/su_frame]



I had started to behave in a compulsive manner the moment my phone vibrated. Moreover, I noticed my daughters pointing me for the over usage of it. That is when I realized that I am on the verge of entering an unhealthy arena of being a smart phone user.

[su_box title=”Introspection Time” style=”glass” title_color=”#ffffff”]Q: How does one decide that usage of technology has become Unhealthy for him or her? Ans: That really depends on whether it is disrupting your work or family life. You just cannot resist looking at your smart phone every few seconds or minutes.[/su_box]

Researchers and Psychologists are seeing clear signs of dysfunction, if not an “addiction” in the way these digital devices are entering and taking control of our lives.

Agreed, these gadgets help us live our lives easier in many ways, but they also distract us from living in the present moment. We have started giving them attention and importance much more than they deserve. We have cut down on the time that is meant for our loved ones, our family and friends. We have become addict of technology to the level that now we feel the need of a rehabilitation centre.

However, if we make small changes in our daily habits, set time when to and when not to be with our smart phones, laptops, ipads etc.; make few rules around its usage and then follow it religiously, it will help a lot. It is not easy, as said. At the same time, it is not impossible also. It is very much doable.  It takes determination, self-discipline, and support from family and friends.

Digital detoxing is no longer a concept but a reality as people and organizations have started adopting it in order to achieve a balance in the digital age. Device free events such as retreats and camps are now been planned for people to get away and relax.

Excess use and total dependence on technology has its side effects such as:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Weak eyesight
  • Increase in stress leading to high anxiety and depression
  • Low self esteem
  • Coming across as ill-mannered (because you tend to ignore people while you are at your digital best)
  • Bad body posture resulting into various types of pain

Cannot give up your phone altogether.

Here is the list of small steps, which if incorporated in your daily life will help you become people smart rather than just being technology smart.

1. Discipline self about not using your device in certain specific situations like when you are with your children, driving, or in a meeting.

2. Practice Self-Control for not hovering around the smart phone, for instance, between 9 pm and 7 am. You can start slowly, say, by just 15 minutes first and then increasing.

3. Remember, it is not a law to answer and jump for your smart phone the moment it beeps or rings. Be strong 😉

4. Be aware of the emotions and situations that make you want to check your phone every now and then. Is it loneliness? Boredom? Anxiety? Figure out something else that can help you come over your compulsion of being with your phone and soothe you.

  • Please do not wait for your near and dear ones to plead for your attention and time – he or she might not. This may lead to a lifetime dent in relationships. Believe me, your family, kids will love you for keeping your phone away when with them.
  • Moreover, you will be pleased of being in control of your attention.
  • Taking “Predictable Time Off” (PTO) from digital devices increases efficiency, collaboration, heightened job satisfaction, and better work-life balance.
  • You will become more aware of your surroundings, people and feel relaxed.
I leave you with this food for the thought, “Live the Moment, Leave the Phone”.


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