Do Not Manage Time Manage Energy

Everyone is working hard, preparing their daily list of “To Do Things”, scheduling but still struggling to get things done or get the things done that actually needs to be done at a particular time. Be it adults or students. So, what is it that comes in the way? Concentration or rather I should say lack of concentration, easily getting distracted and at the end of it feeling drained out and low on energy.

What is Concentration?

It is to direct one’s attention, effort, intensely on something, not thinking about other things, and doing that thing only, no other.

For instance,

Arjuna managed to shoot the given target in the task of skill in archery because he could shut out all other objects.

Such is the power of concentration.

Mind plays important role for one to be able to concentrate. To register anything, one needs attention of the mind along with the input from a sensory organ. Such as, one would not be able to see objects if the mind is elsewhere, even though one’s eyes are pointed in the direction of the object.

Similarly, in a classroom, the teacher is speaking but some students have heard nothing because their minds are elsewhere.

Techniques for Increasing the Level of Concentration and Managing Time Effectively:

1. Control over our mind and thoughts is essential for achieving a high level of concentration. It is an ongoing process and cannot be achieved just by doing five minutes of meditation. However, yes, it helps you take that first step towards increasing concentration and managing your energy.

2. Switch of whatever can distract your attention, concentration like mobiles, computer (if you do not need it to work), television etc.

3. Set deadlines for all activities. Schedule your priorities do not prioritize your schedule. This makes us serious, which in turn helps us in concentrating.

4. Take breaks for few minutes whenever the concentration or energy begins to flag. Do deep breathing exercises for a few minutes they help greatly.

Divide your entire day’s work in different time slots (depending on the nature of work / task you undertake) with 5 – 10 minutes of power breaks in between.  This helps one to be on track and time management.

5. Clear all thoughts before undertaking any activity. Either take care of whatever is occupying one’s mind or postpone. A preoccupied mind does not function very well.


Most of the time our Priorities are not aligned properly. Hence, we end up doing non-value activities – as they attract us and then we say we are not able to manage time or do not have enough time on hand.

A strong desire and self-discipline is the most important tool for concentrating better and time management. When we desire something keenly, our minds begin planning towards fulfilling it. Our senses, which are grouped round the mind, then begin to cooperate.

[su_box title=”Inspiring Story” style=”glass” title_color=”#ffffff”]A teacher and his pupil were walking along a canal. Suddenly, the pupil wondered aloud about his inability to excel in studies. The teacher ignored him. Again, the pupil blurted something in the same connection. No response from the teacher came this time also.

Next time, the pupil posed this question directly to his teacher. Now the teacher grabbed his head and held it under water. The pupil, taken aback, held his breath. Seconds passed and he began to choke. Unable to hold his breath any longer, he forced his head out and remonstrated with his teacher about this act. The teacher ignored this outburst and asked his pupil, “Why did you take your head out?” The pupil replied, “I wanted to breathe desperately.”Upon this, the teacher said, “day you will have a desperate desire to learn, you will.”[/su_box]

To know more such practical tips and tools to instill this great habit, value of managing energy and time not only in you but also your children, students please reach out to us by writing below in the form provided. We are there to hold your hands and guide you.

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