Do children come with a Price Tag

Can we or Should we Price Tag children and their childhood. For me not only as a mother but also as an individual Children and Childhood are Priceless.

[su_quote]”My children are my greatest blessings. Their laughter is the light of my home.” Kavita Yadav[/su_quote]

I have heard parents, grandparents discussing as to how difficult it is in today’s world to have more children (No… not for medical reasons or something like that) and to raise them the way one would like to (reason shared by them is Financial).

This made me think, “How true it is”. I am not judging anyone, anybody’s sentiments (as I am no one to do that) but just sharing my perspective of the whole thing. They are right if one comes to think about it, the moment one plans for a baby the first thing that comes to the mind is finances involved. Here, comes everything, medical cost, bringing up cost, education cost and whatever you can think of.

You might think then the best thing would be do not have children if so much concerned about money. No not really, actually, it is just the opposite.

Interesting things to see what you get for the XXXXX amount spent in bringing a child in this world.

  •          Right and Joy of being a parent
  •          Another chance to relive your childhood
  •          Glimpses of God everyday
  •          Giggles under the covers every night
  •          Flying kisses and bear hugs
  •          Love more than your heart can hold
  •          A new learning everyday
  •          A partner for blowing bubbles, licking ice cream, laughing until your stomach aches…
  •          A hand to hold covered with chocolate or jelly

You never have to grow up. You get to:

  •          Play hide and seek, cricket in the house
  •          Paint with fingers and hands
  •          Read fairy tales, adventure stories endless times with same enthusiasm and surprises at every turn
  •          Watching cartoons without breaks
  •          Making greeting cards for everyone on every occasion
  •          Collecting chocolate, chips and toffee wrappers

The list does not stop here. You get to be a hero, a role model for:

  •          Catching a flying butterfly
  •          Leaving other vehicles behind while driving
  •          Participating and winning in school conducted competitions for parents
  •          Dancing on nursery rhymes

In the eyes of your children, you are the super man or woman. You have the power to do anything. For them you are priceless.

As they grow and spread their wings, take a flutter to be away from you and be on their own. Encourage them, inspire them, guide them, love them and be there for them.

Children make you aware of your strengths you did not know you had. So, be grateful for all the challenges that come your way for being a parent as they strengthen you as you continue your journey of parenting.

As a Parenting Coach, I help you to cultivate a strong relationship with your children by being calm, loving and positive. Feel free to reach out for any challenge or concern that you might have as a parent.

Until then, love, enjoy and cherish every moment spent with your children!!!

Happy Parenting 🙂

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