Twelve Learning from Twelve Months

Twelve Learning from Twelve Months

Another year is all set to say “Good Bye”. What a year it has been – a mixed baggage of happiness, sadness, acquiring new skills and growing at professional and personal levels.

While I am sitting & relaxing, enjoying the chill of the winter winds and at the same time warmth of the Sun, I have these thoughts crossing my mind. This is what life is – Ups and Downs; Leaning In and Leaning Out, Success and Failure; Life and Death. As humans, we have to keep on moving, come whatever may, till the time we have the gift of breath with us. It is rightly said, “The Show Must Go On.”

With this blog of mine, I want to share my 12 learnings from these 12 months both as a professional and as a parent.

Learning as a Professional:

1. Be in Gratitude:

It is such a wonderful way of thanking people, things and situations that teach you so many beautiful lessons and shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see. You open new doors through gratitude. Have you ever tried to thank yourself or be in gratitude of self? Learn to pat your own back too for all the small to big steps you take and that bring a smile on your face and peace in your life.

[su_quote]“Gratitude is absolutely the way to bring more into your life.” – Kavita Yadav[/su_quote]

2. Have Patience:

This is an absolute pre requisite to be successful. There will be days when you feel like giving up (everything) ‘It is OK to feel like this’ say this to yourself, give yourself time. Sit back and talk to yourself. Introspect. Be optimistic but realist. Patience is the companion of wisdom.

3. Have a Support System:

Having a strong network of people who support you when you need it the most stands true for both professional and personal front.  Having a strong support system is a win-win situation for all. A great network of professionals and friends can go a long way to strengthen your relationships and help you prosper, flourish at a greater pace.

4. Find a Mentor or a Coach:

How much high we may reach in terms of being successful, there will be times when you need someone who can look at you, through you, at your way of doing things and guide you with his/her experience. Show you the right path and inspire you enough to follow it too.

[su_quote]“Everyone needs a coach.” – Eric Schmidt[/su_quote]

5. Be Disciplined:

Where there is no discipline, there is no rule and where there is no rule, there is only chaos and confusion everywhere. To have energy for all the day’s work and unexpected challenges one must have disciplined regime. Discipline is a way to self-encourage and teaches obedience. Discipline is the magic power that makes you virtually unstoppable.

[su_quote]“There is a difference between effectiveness and efficiency.” – Rick Warren[/su_quote]

6. Learn from Failures:

Be prepared for setbacks and failures at times but let those not be the end of the road. Even the toughest knight has weak moments but let those not be the reasons to give up. Pick up the learnings from such episodes and accordingly take next steps. Your plans may fail but do not let yourself fail.

7. Make it Easy:

Lot of initiatives fail to take off or leave a mark not because of their ideas but because of their solutions, which are complicated and hard to understand or use.

By making your product or service easy to use, you are more likely to succeed.

8. Never Stop Learning:

Let the learning flag fly high because life never stops teaching. To be the master of your trade commit yourself to lifelong learning. Learning and knowledge allows us to evolve, repair and move forward in our life. This is one of the habits that will help you become successful.

Learning as a Parent:

9. Maintain a Strong Relationship with your Child:

In today’s highly digitized lifestyle, parents are ignoring an important aspect and that is to spend QUALITY TIME with their child. Quality time is the exclusive time; please keep away your phones, tabs and laptops. All kids need this exclusive and special time. Give them the comfort that they share all their thoughts and feelings with you.

[su_quote]“Your Children need your presence more than your presents.” – Jesse Jackson[/su_quote]

10. Develop the Trust in your Relationships:

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. As a parent, you need to make this bond strongest for rest of your life. Trusting your child does not mean you have to blindly believe them. Use your instincts but develop the relationship in such a manner that child feels secure with you and never lies in front of you.

11. Keep the Child within you Alive:

It was so much fun to be a kid. You would just enjoy dancing in rains, playing out on the roads in front of your houses, laughing and rolling without any reason, flying kites, playing with pebbles. No apprehensions, no formalities!

So why not live those innocent times with your kids. Relive those moments with your child/ren. They will adore you for that. They are not 30 or 40 years old to behave and act in sophisticated manner. So Chill, Parents!

12. Break the Rules:

Rules are made to be broken – Right!  No, wrong!!!

I know you always hear this, ‘Be a good role model’, ‘Walk the Talk’ and what not. This stands true for every area of your life. However, there is no harm if you let things go sometimes. See the SMILE on the faces of people around you. Have the art of balancing the things and situations. Do not overdo it – be cautious!

Hence no harm in getting crazy sometimes.

The most important lesson I learned about life and work is that without failure or road blocks you do not truly understand success. Look at failures as merely mistakes. Nothing is as bad as it seems.

Learn from your past, celebrate your present and bless your Future. A new year – 2016, a new start and way to go. Let us Welcome this New Year with smile on our faces and hopes in your heart.

If you have any of such questions coming to your mind, like: What does it take to make my life better? How do I remove the fear of certain subjects from the mind of my child? How do I make my relationships work better in office, school and at home? How can I be a great parent? Feel free to write to me at and book your 30 minutes Free Coaching Consultation with me. Always happy to be of help.

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