Who is a Teacher

When I started writing on this topic, I thought it would be easy to put in words as for half of my life I have been studying, doing that right now and have also been on the other side of the table. Oh! I was absolutely stuck; it was not a cakewalk at all.

However, I have tried and this is what I came up with. A teacher is not just a person who teaches you with the help of textbooks tell you what is right or wrong. A teacher is one whom you trust and look up to for advice and guidance whenever on crossroads. A teacher is an ocean of knowledge. A teacher is a friend, philosopher and guide. A teacher is a mother too, a mentor, a guru, a critic who thinks about our good. The impact of a teacher is not limited just within the boundaries of a school or classroom but it always remains with you even when you step out in the big world.

Qualities that a teacher must possess are:

1. T for Tolerance

                The art of teaching is tolerance. And what could be more challenging than teaching young children who have minds of their own, but are not mature enough to fully realize the benefits of studying/learning.

[su_quote]”I don’t see how anybody could have passion for nature without having an equally developed tolerance for the cold.”[/su_quote] Tom Brown Jr.

2. E for Eager to learn

When one teaches one learns too. The good thing is that the concept becomes clearer when one is teaching. When one has to teach there is greater motivation to learn and during explaining the concept takes roots.

[su_quote]”A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron.”[/su_quote] Horace Mann

3. A for Affectionate

Students who have closed affectionate teacher as compared to a strict one end up solving many problems faster and with a better understanding and logic to it. Teachers should inspire students to be inquisitive.

[su_quote]”We all need someone who affectionately inspires us to do better than we know how.” [/su_quote]Kavita Yadav

4. C for Commitment

Teachers also need that kind of passion to see children grow and become better human beings. Surely, only a small percentage of students under one’s charge will be brilliant, but then one has also duty towards children who are not so gifted. One needs that kind of commitment.

[su_quote]”If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.“[/su_quote] Albert Einstein

5. H for Healthy

Teacher must be physically, mentally and preferably, spiritually very healthy to do justice to this noble profession. There is no doubt that teachers are generally overloaded with work. Most do look after their physical health but do not do so mentally. No wonder, they come under excessive stress. It is better to appear human than break down.

[su_quote]”I would like to explore some side roads in life while I am still in good health and good spirits.”[/su_quote] Charles Kuralt

6. E for Earnest

Constant updating of the knowledge is necessary. Teachers must be receptive to the new ideas and knowledge. Moreover, when one makes a mistake, one should admit it. There is no shame in it. This is better than the false pretension.

[su_quote]”So often you find that the students you are trying to inspire are the ones that end up inspiring you.”[/su_quote] Sean Junkins

7. R for Responsible

Many children have phobia about certain subjects. It is a teacher’s responsibility to remove such fear. Teacher must own the responsibility and should surely be tolerant and patient. This contributes to self-respect.

[su_quote]”Teach success before teaching responsibility. Teach them to believe in themselves. Teach them to think ‘I am not stupid’. No child wants to fail. Everyone wants to succeed.”[/su_quote] AL Green

Teaching is a process of creation. What better creation can there be than participating in the future of children. Good character of a teacher inspires his or her students. One should never think of exploiting the innocent children placed under one’s care.

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  1. What you write comes straight from. Your heart and experience, I love going through. Nice one Kavita, keep going. I agree with it too.

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