Happy Diwali :)

Happy Diwali )

Happy and excited to be back after long at this auspicious time with fun, festivities and food 😉 all around.

It is again the same time of the year when we Indians celebrate light, colour, sweetness of sweets and warmth of relationships  – all combined together ‘We Celebrate LIFE’. This is called JiNa (means to Live).

However, today, I personally see a gap, a miss in this celebration. People have become reserved – reserved in connecting, reserved in reaching out to people – their loved ones, reserved in meeting others in person – it is more on a superficial level. We are more active on social media rather than at a personal level. It can be very rightly said, given today’s time that,

[su_highlight background=”#d399ff”]”Ours is the most connected society with most disconnected people.” [/su_highlight]

You must be wondering, I am writing to you after so long and that too on such celebrating moments but in a complaining mode. No, it’s not that.  I see this as an opportunity to connect with you and share my thoughts.

I really from deep within wish to have those days back, when I grew up. Festivals meant families, relatives, friends coming over (in person not on virtual mode) and wishing, blessing, spreading joy and happiness all around.

The entire mohalla, society, gali used to be out enjoying and celebrating together – adding loads of fun and festivity to the whole celebration. Not like now – in silos.

If this continues, then the time is not far off when two people living together will be known as Joint family.

[su_box title=”A Humble Request” style=”glass” title_color=”#ffffff”]My only request is that after reading this, pick up the phone and no, no Whatsapp or facebook message – call your dear ones and speak to them. If possible visit your parents, relatives, brother – sister and / or friends. Give them a tight hug (Jadoo ki Jhappi) dil se and wish them “HAPPY DIWALI AND A VERY HAPPY LIFE.”[/su_box]

You will do it – I know you will 🙂 And if you share your experience with me, I would be really grateful and happy to know that you and me are from the same old school of thought where relations are still celebrated.

I shall wait for your email or even a phone call. All you have to do is:

  • Connect with People,
  • Value your Relations,
  • Learn to Appreciate,
  • Think, Aim Big, and
  • Keep Smiling.

Stay Blessed, Happy, Cheerful and Connected.

Wishing you a very Happy Diwali once again. Stay Safe.

Before I sign off, all I would say is, if I can be of any help to you – feel free to write to me.

Lots of Love, Light, Luck and Best Wishes.

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  1. Hi Kavita,
    I agree with u and wish u good luck ,for ur thoughts r pure and u wish to help humanity with the compassion u have.

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