Things To Do When Life Tests You

Here you are – all happy, bubbling with life, ready with your plans for accomplishing what you have planned. From the blue comes news, which throws you miles back and in a state of mind where you are unable to think. The only thought that comes to you is ‘Why Me Every time?’

What to do in such testing situations?


You have two choices –

Either, be there and keep questioning self, questioning people around you, questioning the universe, doubting your luck, your fate, focusing on the negatives and surrendering to circumstances.

Else, give yourself time to embrace the situations, happenings, be grateful to all that you do not have, grateful to all the pull down incidents because they give you the chance to stand up once again, try again, dream again and give you more power to take actions in the direction of your goals.


[su_note note_color=”#ff66de”]The Best might be right at the corner. Keep the lamp of faith burning.[/su_note]

Sharing from my experiences, challenges, unlearning and relearning what you can do when you go through storms in life.


1. Be grateful always. Keep your gratitude in place.

2. Accept and embrace the difficulties with all your love.

3. Keep the child in you alive and kicking.

4. Always wear the smile on your face.

5. Create your intentions and believe in them.

6. Always be ready with plan B.

7. Do your prayers/meditate every day.

8. Allow moments of silence to self. Be still.

9. Live as if you already have achieved what you have planned. Have a Vision Board to let the Universe know what you desire.

10. Always be there for others in their hour of need. Be of service.

11. It is all about your thoughts. So, shift your thoughts from win-lose to win-win.

12. Drop and let go what you cannot change. Forgive anyone and everyone who has ever hurt you, cheated you or simply make you feel sad.

Things may not turn out to be exactly as you had wished but they will be what is right for you. Go with the flow without resistance. Spend some time with self. Do what makes you happy. Embrace your bliss.

Start clearing the emotional baggage and make space for positive people and circumstances in your life.

[su_box title=”Always Remember” style=”glass” title_color=”#ffffff”]The darkest hour of the night is just before dawn.[/su_box]

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