5 Life Lessons for Children before the age of 5 years

On becoming parents, we start getting lot of advice on how to raise our child. We must listen to them as they come from experienced parents, elders. But still the choice remains with us which advice to pick and which to drop and when, under what circumstances.

Parenthood is a beautiful place to be. These titles, “Mother” and “Father” not only give us the big opportunity to teach our child the valuable life lessons but at the same time we also get to revise and experience them all over again from a very different and fresh perspective.

Below I have put together 5 important Life Skills Lessons which a child must learn at an early age, say before 5 years.


1. Experience the Fall:

The biggest mistake we do as parents is that we do not let our child fall. We do not want him/her to fall, face adversity. In the race of being good parents we keep on clearing their paths. Hence, what might seem as the best thing to do as good parents we are actually hampering their growth. We are keeping them away from the very important life-coping skill. We know it very well that life will have falls, ups and downs. So, why not let them fall now and learn how to cope with it when the risk is minimalist.

2. To dust and bounce back after the fall:

If it is important to experience the fall, it is even more important to dust oneself and bounce back on their feet after the fall. Lying down, crying or waiting for someone to pick you up is simply waste of time and energy. One of the harsh realities of life is to wait for a supporting someone without having the courage and will to support ourselves.  It is rightly said,

[su_quote]”God only helps those who help themselves.“[/su_quote]

Another of my favorite quote is,

[su_quote]”Time and Tide waits for none.”[/su_quote]

Sooner our children understand and learn this life skill better for them to be able to sustain themselves in the journey called life.

3. To learn and remember the lessons learnt from the fall:

We as parents are very quick in not letting our child fall and give him cushion for everything. But at the same time, if we really want him to be self dependent and successful, we must not miss the opportunity of making him/her understand and learn the important life lessons from the fall he/she has experienced. Such as, why did he/she fall, if at all? What should be taken care of to avoid the fall next time? How to balance ourselves emotionally after the fall?

4. Not to be afraid of challenges:

Life is a bed of roses but not without its thorns. The early we tell this to our child the better it will be for him/her and us, the parents. We should start preparing our child for the Journey called, Life from the day one. No, do not instill fear and distress in the child but make him strong enough to see positive and bright side of situations. Help him/her develop a positive, winning mindset. For this, you will have to walk the talk.

You cannot keep on cribbing and cursing about your own challenges, struggles in front of the child and expect him/her to stay positive and hopeful. Be cautious of your own behavior and habits!

5. Be Compassionate:

It means to be kind, caring and willing to help others. A child adapts, learns these values by observing and imitating people around him/her.  Talk to your child about ‘feeling words’. Ask questions, such as “How did you feel when that girl took your doll?” “What do you think Rahul must have felt when he got hurt?” “What could you have done if you were with him?”

[su_box title=”Most Important” style=”glass” title_color=”#ffffff”]Help your child express his/her feelings with appropriate words. Let him develop a feeling vocabulary.[/su_box]

My only request to you is not to pressurize your child. Now-a-days the pressure on kids starts way too early. We must protect our children from these pressures. Let them have fun and grow at their own pace.

Provide them a structure, be consistent, be supportive, caring  but not demanding. Childhood is innocent, pure and fragile. Let us not rob them of their right to have a free playful , innocent childhood. Help them to explore without fear of failure and getting burned out.

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  1. Extremely helpful article. Being a parent of 2yr old kid, I could very well understand the importance of these tips.
    Keep sharing such articles.

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