First Five Years of Dear Zindagi

Another year (2016) is finally coming to an end. And one of the most talked about Bollywood Movie of the year has been “Dear Zindagi.” Different people have different views and learning from the movie such as its client centered approach, manner in which the myth as to when a counselor, coach or psychologist should be contacted is talked about openly, it also gives you a sneak peek as to how a coaching session goes.

However, what I noticed, firmly believe and advocate about as a Parenting Coach is the tender age (from birth till 5 years) which is normally taken as granted on the pretext that children of this age group are too young to even understand what are Life Skills leave aside learning and imbibing them.

However, we forget that the First Five Years of a child’s life are the foundational years that play a very vital role in shaping, developing his/her future growth, happiness, learning and behavior at school, in family and in life in general.

Neuroscience research has revealed that between birth and 5 years, 90% of a child’s brain development takes place –

  • neurons start to build networks,
  • language is developing,
  • cognition is mushrooming,
  • emotions are emerging, and
  • the foundations are being laid for a lifetime of learning.

In the first five years, every interaction of a child with his/her environment not only impacts the child’s brain architecture but also effects his/her learning skills, social and emotional abilities. Children of this age group need the maximum love, warmth, unconditional acceptance and caring, nurturing to develop trust and security that turns into confidence as they grow.

Early experiences make the base for the child’s brain development and functioning throughout life. As parents, educators it becomes all the more important for us to see that a child gets the right conducive loving environment that supports his/her growth both physically and emotionally and also helps him/her to reach their full potential in life.

Create your own connecting moments with your child such as,

  • while cooking,
  • laying table for meals,
  • shopping,
  • playing,
  • going for walks,
  • exercising, or
  • even folding clothes.

Trust me these moments will be your greatest investment in your child for your child.

How do these First Five Years impact one’s adult life?

Various studies have shown that children who go through positive interactions in the first five years go on to become healthier and more successful in life. Young children who are deprived of loving, caring, warm interactions do not develop as many brain connections, and that has negative, lasting impact.

If children experience violent and unstable relationships when they are super-young, they are likely to have poor relationships in their adulthood. That’s why it is very important to bring up children in a healthy, loving environment because what children experience in the first five years lays the foundation for a lifetime.

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