Do Not Let Your Parents Fail !!!

Mahesh Babu had come to spend weekend with his daughter, Kaamini and granddaughter, Khushi. Khushi was an eight years old happy, bubbly girl.

It was Sunday and Mahesh Babu was reading newspaper. Suddenly he heard loud voices coming from his daughter’s room.

Khushi: No, No, No. I want potato fries for breakfast.

Kaamini: No, No, No. No potato fries. How many times have I told you that?

Khushi: But Why? You only fixed Sundays for potato fries.

Kaamini: Too much of Junk is not good. Once I say No, it means No.

Khushi: Its only on Sundays Mom. Every time you break your promise.

Kaamini: God knows from where have you learnt to argue Khushi.

Till this time Mahesh Babu who was witnessing this power struggle between his daughter and granddaughter asks Khushi to go out and play.

Then he turns to Kaamini and says, “Beta, I have the answer to your question that from where is Khushi picking up this habit of arguing.” Kaamini was looking at her baba. Mahesh Babu puts his hand on Kaamini’s shoulder and gently tells her that the whole point is how well you understand your child. How you communicate with him/her without using labels.

[su_highlight background=”#d399ff”]He continues that today as a parent he feels as if he has failed. The real test of how one did in his role of being a parent, is not how their own children grow up but the real test is how they bring up their children as parents. And today after seeing his daughter arguing with her eight year old daughter he has the feeling of failure as a parent. [/su_highlight]

Kaamini was numb on hearing all this from her baba. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She put her head on Mahesh Babu’s shoulder and said, “Baba, I am sorry. Thank you for making me aware of my parenting style. I shall never let you fail.”

Mahesh Babu patted Kaamini with love and said, “Always remember, you as a mother are and will remain the first teacher of your child. If you want her to pick up a habit, first you will have to learn it, live it and show it to her. She will automatically take it from you without any hassle.”

Kaamini smiled, got up and went to Khushi who was playing with her doll. Kaamini hugged Khushi, kissed her on her forehead and said, “Mumma is sorry Khushi. I Love you.” Khushi was elated to receive such a warm, positive stroke from her mother. She hugged her back tightly and said loudly, “I love you too Mom.”

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  1. Smita Narain Kanth

    Amazing article Kavita. A true parenting is when we are able to make our children more aware, responsible and understanding as parents. And the journey continues…..from one generation to another generation.

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