Skills for Life

Skills for Life

NCERT, CBSE, Schools, Parents everyone is talking about Life Skills and its importance now-a-days. Schools even plan to make it a part of curriculum. It is so good and overwhelming to read and hear about it. However, it is still a distant dream to see it in reality.

Life Skills is still a sort of new concept which has caught everybody’s attention. What I want to bring to your attention is that imparting education has been a part and parcel of our education system since ages. That is how they (read children)learn…by Teaching.

Hmmm…some of you may be nodding your head, or having an expression of being amused that NO, teaching does help in education but a child learns better by Observing. Of course, I could not agree any more on that. Absolutely bang on!!! Kudos and three cheers to your observation for observing and acknowledging that a child learns more by observing his environment, his parents, siblings, other family members, friends and teachers.

Now, what is that point that I want to draw from all this?

 Well, the point is that we all send our children to educational institutes for learning academically. After that we support their learning by sending them to tuition classes. And in some cases, we also provide them with a support structure at home so that the learning is retained by them. Right!!!

When we pay so much importance to something that our educational institutes have expertise on and this is what they do day in and day out. We still create a strong support structure around our children to have a strong hold on those academic skills. Then why are we not giving the due attention to those skills that are required not only by children but also by us, the adults, for living a life which is successful, happy and stress free. Those skills are called LIFE SKILLS.

[su_box title=”The Key Point Here Is:” style=”glass” title_color=”#ffffff”]We are making our children live in a dream world. Where there is no space for natural, regular emotions. We tell them that emotions like sadness, anger are bad. That is the reason of high anxiety in today’s generation, in our millennial children. They are emotionally not balanced. Most of them are on either extremes on a rating scale.[/su_box]

What can be done in such a scenario of confusion?

Instead of spoon feeding them and letting them grow with the thoughts that grass will always be green; let us teach them some Real Life Values and Skills. And they are like:

1. It is good to have a positive attitude but always remember that life is not a straight line.

There will be ups and downs. You will have negative thoughts but do not stop. Do not give up. The world is not full of positive people. There are people who will test your limits, who will try to pull you down, who may even spread wrong things about you. You must master the art of taking all this and much more in your stride  and come out as a winner.

2. Life is a bed of roses but not without its thorns.

There will be failures. Some may be big and some small. Always remember not to get hurt by them to a level that you are left with no energy to bounce back. Learn not to be pulled down by failures and not to have your head high in pride when you are on a higher pedestrian than others. Always wear humbleness around your neck.

3. Decision making along with hard work is a Life Skill.

We parents will not be there with you always. There will be times when you will have to fight your own battles, take decisions on your own, gather all your strength after falling and to rise from there, learn from your falls and move on. There is no short cut to success.

4. Learn to regulate your own emotions.

Anger and sadness are natural emotions. You will be angry at times and will even feel sad in some  moments. But that is what life is. Give yourself time to be with these natural emotions, experience them fully and then let them go. Have a structure around you as to how to get past these emotions and not stay there for long. Until unless you experience anger and sadness; you will not be able to cherish calm and happy moments.

Let us teach real things to our children. Let us join hands to empower them to create a happy and peaceful environment around them.

This is my invitation to all those parents who would like to be a part of this mission, to join hands with us, for our Community Building Program called EmotionsAurRishtonKaTaanaBaana. Because we can only give what we have. Thus, before moving towards your children, you need to be well prepared.

Second, if you as aware, conscious parents want your children to know and be empowered with right Life Skills, we would love to share in detail with you about our special Life Skills program for children aged between 8 – 16 years.

Please feel  free to contact us @9810929711 or leave your comments below the blog with your contact details and we shall get in touch with you.

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